Business Planning

ASE’s Projector system helps Dealers generate their own plans and forecasts that clearly illustrate the opportunities and risks associated with the potential sales volumes, gross profits and expense levels on a departmental basis as well as for the whole operation.

Projector is a highly effective measurement tool for driving continuous improvement – designed by people with many years’ experience in financial planning, on behalf of dealers and manufacturers.

ASE’s Projector system is designed to monitor actual versus budget performance across a dealership.

  • Helps to identify trends and areas of opportunity across all departments
  • Continuously improve efficiencies and take action to correct shortfalls in performance
  • Focuses on both Profit & Loss and company cash flows
  • Establishes best practices and eliminates poor performance
  • Assists to plan training, development and coaching needs for all levels of staff
  • Delivers the rewards of improved performance to the dealership, staff and customers
  • Fully integrates planning with the monthly RAPID Business Management reporting.

andy-fannin-churchTo understand how ASE’s Business Planning system can support your business improvement efforts and for a full demonstration, call Andy Church on (772) 240-8566 or email