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1 month ago
Project Management Has Changed. Have You?

"Project Management Has Changed. Have You?"

Three tips for better teamwork, and five pitfalls to avoid.

1 month ago
How Retailers Handle Returns Influences Consumer Buying Habits According to Research from Voxware

"How Retailers Handle Returns Influences Consumer Buying Habits According to Research"

HAMILTON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec 18, 2018--Voxware, a leading provider of cloud-based voice and analytic supply chain solutions, today announced additional results from its fourth biennial ... See more

1 month ago
7 Amazon-Obsessed Retail Predictions For 2019

7 predictions that can affect 2019 profitability:

Might Amazon finally be getting a kick in the competitive pants next year from brick-and-mortar giants like Walmart, which is basking in a transformative e-commerce moment? Retail experts offer seven ... See more

1 month ago
Barre3 CEO Sadie Lincoln Talks Tough Feedback And Vulnerable Leadership

Read About Tough Feedback And Vulnerable Leadership with Barre3 CEO Sadie Lincoln

Soliciting and accepting feedback gets harder the higher you advance because employees tend to shy away from critiquing the people who are responsible for their paychecks. Sadie Lincoln, founder of ... See more

1 month ago
How you can make the most of differing leadership styles

New management can come with new leadership styles. Here is how you can make the most of it:

In large and small organisations, you and your colleagues are most likely defined by the department you belong to. You might be in sales, IT, marketing, or whatever. They're the safe de

1 month ago
Mark Zuckerberg's new wartime leadership style is opening up bitter divisions at Facebook

Does the 'wartime' leadership style ever benefit business?

Mark Zuckerberg is acting like Facebook is at war, but it's creating unprecedented turmoil within his own ranks.

1 month ago
Forget Black Friday And Cyber Monday -- For Most Retailers, It's Really About December Sales

December is a big month for all retail:

The importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday continues to be overblown and misunderstood. For virtually every retailer, the action is really in December, and in particular, the second half of the ... See more

1 month ago
Why The Agile Workplace Must Include AI And Humans

Humans and AI make a profitable team:

This future — in which agile and AI “workers” can be deployed (and redeployed) to meet specific goals — isn’t as far off as it seems.

1 month ago
Who Need Sales Training? Bah Humbug.

Is training really all that important? Andy Church discusses in his new blog article.

Dealers are constantly inundated by trainers vying for their business. These trainers promise exponential success in sales and profits when they do.

1 month ago
Omnichannel Profitability Starts with Advanced Inventory Insight - Power Retail

Advanced insight precedes Omnichannel profitability:

Inventory management is notoriously difficult to get right because there are a lot of moving parts. Raghav Sibal looks at how emerging technology is making this traditional pain point more manageable ... See more

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