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6 hours ago
J.Crew to Refocus Strategy in Hopes of Returning to Profitability

A fresh focus on strategy for J.Crew may lead to profitability:

J.Crew, posting a Q4 loss, will immediately refocus its strategy to return J.Crew to profitability and keep Madewell’s positive momentum.

1 day ago
Respond, Don't React, For Leadership Success

Be clear on the fine line between response and react:

How you choose to react or respond can shape your success. Don’t react (which is negative) but instead respond (by failing forward).

2 days ago
On Leadership: Five strategies to avoid workplace conflict

5 ways to avoid workplace conflict:

Although some conflict in the workplace can be healthy, the impact of unresolved conflict can negatively impact individuals, teams, and the culture of businesses. This can lead to decreased ... See more

3 days ago
Why Is Leadership Important In Digital Marketing? | Top Marketing Strategy

Leaders in every area do well to identify and foster talent, but it’s especially important in digital marketing. The competition for quality marketers is intense.

Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts. Having top leaders in place to organize & execute properly is key. Learn how to become a successful leader now!

4 days ago
Leadership Is a Lonely Road – Here's What Helps Me Every Day

Some advice for leaders who may feel lonely at the top:

Here's how leadership challenges can trigger powerful transformations and some books that can help inspire you along the way.

5 days ago
Timeline Photos

Engaged employees will pave the road to profitability:

6 days ago
Profit By Action Quick Tip: Effective Labor Rate

Andy Church shares a Profit By Action Quick Tip on Effective Labor Rates (ELR).

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

The undeniable link between data management and profitability.

1 week ago
Want To Improve Your Customers’ Experience? Start With Better Training For Your Agents | CustomerThink

Training can improve every element of a dealership, even customer experience:

Want To Improve Your Customers’ Experience? Start With Better Training For Your Agents By Juliana Stancampiano - March 6, 2019 0 316 views Tweet Businesses today are deeply invested in improving ... See more

1 week ago
Analysis: Can Facebook make privacy profitable?

Is there profit in privacy?

Privacy experts question how Facebook's business model -- harvesting people's information to show them ads -- would adapt when private communication takes center stage.

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