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1 month ago
Successful Founders Fixate on These 5 Numbers

5 numbers successful founders fixate on:

Instead of focusing on financial statements, startups need to focus on the day to day and week by week numbers that, over time add up to a growth trajectory -- or not.

1 month ago
Collaboration is a key to profitability

Collaboration Culture can raise profits:

Creating a culture of collaboration is hard work and especially hard in law firms. Think about it, attorneys are trained to argue their points of view! When you add working in an adversarial system ... See more

1 month ago
How digital maturity drives business results - Puget Sound Business Journal

Is your dealership digitally mature?

Greater digital maturity drives faster revenue growth and bigger profit margins — no matter what industry you’re in. That’s the primary finding of our new research that surveyed more than 400 ... See more

1 month ago
10 Principles of Strategic Leadership

10 principles of strategic leadership to help develop and retain strong leaders:

How to develop and retain leaders who can guide your organization through times of fundamental change.

1 month ago
Authentic Leadership For Progress, Peace And Prosperity

Be authentic in an era of turbulence:

As leaders in this era of turbulence, if we want to create a more prosperous and peaceful world, we need to look at new ways of leading and of identifying and developing leaders of the future.

1 month ago
Front-End Profitability in Digital Advertising is Disappearing

Is the Digital Age making front end profits vanish?

Max Finn, President of Unicorn Innovations provides guidance on how marketers will need to adapt to the changing ROI of digital advertising.

1 month ago
As leadership styles lean kinder, how do bosses make unpopular decisions? - The Boston Globe

Is it possible to be liked and make tough decisions as a leader?

For bosses, being liked and making good decisions can be a tricky balance.

1 month ago
Successful Leaders Embrace the Evolution of the Industries

Modern leaders need to evolve with the industry:

Business agility is the future. Here's how to stop living in the past.

1 month ago
Want to be a good leader? Learn to follow

Becoming a leader tends to involve a long and ongoing process, and that starts with being a good follower:

Leadership involves a long and ongoing process–one of which is knowing when to follow.

1 month ago
GM breaks from tradition with new, untested path under CEO Mary Barra

Mary Barra, GM CEO has managed to run a more profitable company since 2014:

Since becoming CEO in January 2014, Mary Barra has broken from her predecessors at General Motors in running a smaller, more profitable auto company.

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