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2 months ago
Humane leadership must be the Fourth Industrial Revolution's real innovation

Do we need a new type of leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The old leadership model does not work: a big shift in management and leadership is long overdue, write two experts.

2 months ago
Scott Miller: Own Your Life Story to Find Happiness and Be a Better Leader

As a renowned thinker in the leadership and personal performance space, Scott Miller is able to connect and help others due to this simple fact: he knows what it’s like to fail. ... See more

How FranklinCovey's executive vice president of thought leadership is helping people transform their lives through self-reflection.

2 months ago
How to Calculate Gross Profit

Evaluating markup on last year's numbers helps you understand where you've been and gives you a benchmark for success.

Learn how to calculate gross profit with fixed and variable costs. Methods to compute gross profit margins and markups to help your business today.

2 months ago
Future winners will be businesses that get smarter, bring agility

A new economic paradigm is beginning to dawn and to succeed businesses need to get smarter.

To become a smart business, organizations must enable as many operating decisions as possible to be made by machines fueled by live data rather than by humans supported by their own data analysis.

2 months ago
Profit By Action Quick Tip: Importance of Up To Date Warranties & Recalls

There's nothing worse than selling a car and having to call that customer right away for an open recall. Andy Church shares why in this video blog.

There's nothing worse than selling a car and having to call that customer right away for an open recall. Andy Church shares why in this video blog.

2 months ago
How to Achieve Profitability with Digital Marketing?

3 easy ways to make digital marketing profitable:

Focusing on Digital Marketing can help you in increasing profits like none other because of it 100% measurable and accountable.

2 months ago
14 Essential Leadership Skills For The 4th Industrial Revolution

14 leadership skills vital to success.

Tomorrow’s leaders will need new skills to deal with the realities of the fast-moving, interconnected and technology-driven workplace. The good news is that these leadership skills can be learned ... See more

2 months ago
Why profits are down in ecommerce and how retailers can turn that around

Some tips to raise profits:

More free shipping and higher customer acquisition costs are cutting into online retail profit, says retail analytics firm DynamicAction. Smarter buying and a surgical approach to promotions are two ... See more

2 months ago
Leading Well: Enhancing Leadership Through Wellness

Healthy leaders lead better.

Healthy leaders lead better. They make better decisions that lead to improved outcomes and wide-ranging benefits.

2 months ago
How To Build Trust As A Leader

Treat your team members as you wish to be treated:

Trust is at the core of all good working relationships.

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