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1 week ago
Has Amazon's domination been stymied by a $15 minimum wage?

Is a $15 min wage the root of Amazon's profitability problems?

Amazon was an unstoppable force until it ran into its biggest nightmare – the $15 minimum wage.

1 week ago
How To Be A Leader, No Matter Your Position

4 changes to make right now to get noticed by management:

Feel as if you’re being overlooked for management roles? Try positioning yourself in a different way by making these four changes in your workplace and personal habits.

1 week ago
Profit By Action Quick Tip: Extent of the Service Opportunities for Franchise Dealers

Of the $350B Service business in NA, Franchise Dealers only capture 27% of it. In this Quick Tip, Andy Church asks what are you doing to increase your service business?

2 weeks ago
Positive Leadership: How to Increase Efficiency, Collaboration, and Fulfillment From the Top Down - Jon Gordon, Business Consultant & Author

A good leader will create a positive environment that encourages employees to perform better and more efficiently.

Today we welcome Jon Gordon, who discusses his latest book, "The Power of a Positive Team", a guide to the principles and practices that build great teams.

2 weeks ago
How To Overcome Biases In Business Decision Making

Every day, managers are tasked with making critical decisions that can impact the customer experience, speed to market, workforce performance and profitability.

While AI excels where humans don’t, it should not be considered as a silver bullet to solve all decision-making issues in a company.

2 weeks ago
Why Empathy Is The Most Effective Leadership Skill

An effective leader realizes that they need to surround themselves with not only people who work for them, but peers, advisors and mentors of their own in order to succeed.

Discussions around empathy in business may seem trendy, but that doesn’t mean that empathy isn’t important. It's the most important skill a CEO can possess.

2 weeks ago
Why Visionary Leadership Fails

Leaders need more than a vision to enable change:

Top executives need to make sure middle managers are aligned with them.

2 weeks ago
Google, Facebook and Amazon Are the Only Winners in Ecommerce

Are Facebook, Google and Amazon's profitability cutting into ours?

Rising advertising costs means falling profits for the ecommerce advertisers.

2 weeks ago
Six Lessons For Every Leadership Style

On-the-job training is a necessary element of strong leadership:

If you show the way, you can lead the way and help your team follow.

2 weeks ago
4 tips for achieving peak leadership fitness

4 tips to help develop your leadership skills every week:

What are you doing each week to be in the best leadership shape you can be?

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