Profit Forums

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ASE Americas works with its clients in automotive retailing to Maximize Profitability by providing class leading expertise, content management, benchmark data, and e-commerce applications.

Also referred to as ‘Profit Clinics’ or ’20-Groups’, ASE’s Profit Forums are ‘open’ sessions that take the full composite information for a group of dealers and compare their performance against each other and industry averages. ASE conduct private bespoke workshops for franchises and larger dealer groups, which are highly regarded within the industry. These sessions have been running for over 20 years and are a constant source of fresh ideas and initiatives that dealers can implement in their business.

The ’20 Group’ type of meeting, even in its most basic form, is a valuable tool for any Dealer looking to improve his or her business.  Our ‘Profit Forums’ are a departure from the mundane and somewhat hackneyed line by line justifications of mediocrity that too many 20 Groups descend into.

The methodology ASE has successfully utilized in pioneering Profit Forums over the last 20 years is tested and proven to be an incredibly effective mechanism for maximizing the operational performance and standards of Automotive Dealerships throughout the market place in North America.  We are proud to note that the average member of one of our Profit Forum groups actual Return on Sales % is significantly higher than both the National Average and the Brand Exclusive Dealer average for Return on Sales % within that same franchise network.

ASE Americas facilitators are all subject matter experts, not from a theoretical classroom, but successful automotive business leaders who know what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of Automotive retailing.  ASE’s experts stimulate our members and drive them not to waste time justifying what has not been achieved, but to spend time examining what can be achieved and how to achieve it.

The groups are supported 24/7 with unique reports specifically designed to meet the groups needs and a dedicated website which contains valuable tools and assets such us a Best Practice Document Library, Report repository and a unique support blog targeted at the group members.

  • ASE workshops are valued by dealers as an independent source of support separate from the manufacturer
  • The agenda of each workshop is unique and highly relevant as it is driven by the specific KPI’s of each of the attendee dealers
  • New contacts and relationships between attendees ensure that knowledge is shared on an ongoing basis
  • Process improvements and practical ideas to improve profitability across all departments is the workshop focus, not fixing prices and margins across the wider network
  • The independent nature of the workshop facilitates the sharing of best practice to sell more cars, parts and hours, rather than a forum to discuss other franchise issues.

andy-fannin-churchIf you are a Dealer wanting to join an existing Forum, or an OEM or Dealer Group wanting to start you own Forum, please contact Andy Church at (772) 240-8566 or email