Reporting Services

De-mystifying financial data for the automotive industry.

Providing a visually rich presentation of detailed data in a non-financial format, ASE’s ad-hoc reports deliver endless reporting possibilities synchronized to the needs of the end user whether within head office, the field team or a Dealer.  ASE’s reports guide the user quickly to the areas requiring action, even if they are not financially literate, resulting in a faster response time and earlier improvement in performance.

ASE’s reporting uses the best in class automotive industry professional expertise and system technology, working in partnership to deliver the most advanced online and offline action based reporting available in the industry.

ASE’s reporting services include:

Business Management Composite Reporting & Dealer Composite Reporting

ASE’s Business Management (BM) Composite Reports provide customers the option to use the reports both online and offline and in today’s mobile centric business world these solutions are available to be used with mobile devices including iPads (subject to third party applications that support Adobe Flash technology).  Using data from the RAPID Business Management Solution, OEM supplier data (such as market share data) or directly from an individual Dealer’s CRM system, ASE can create a unique reporting experience relevant to your unique requirements.

After creating composites for over 40 years, ASE naturally has a vast library of different composite layouts and styles which you can make use of if you’re looking for a fast turnaround. However ASE also offers a first class design service for those customers who are looking for a blue sky report.

Key features of ASE’s Composite Reports:

  • Available to individual Dealers, Dealer Groups or OEM’s.
  • Complex to ‘light touch’ reporting capability
  • High level KPI reporting or drill down into the detailed source data both online or offline
  • Calculation of opportunity and ‘what-if’ reporting using interactive dials, online and offline
  • Intuitive reports allowing easy navigation and manipulation of data
  • Retailer reports available in both English and Canadian French
  • Ability to consolidate reports at will i.e. Retailers or groups
  • Application of geographic mapping to reports
  • Accessible for multiple users and supports online commentary reporting
  • Retailer action plans within report to facilitate action follow-up
  • Reporting in real time to support urgent decision making
  • Compatible with mobile devices including iPads (subject to software compatibility)


Dynamic Reporting

Utilizing ‘Best in Class’ dynamic technology, ASE’s dynamic reporting is at the forefront of the industry, presenting Dealer or Network performance data on an interactive and intuitive platform.  Dynamic reporting provides the user with an off-line customizable report (typically a .pdf file) that they can manipulate to display the data that’s important to them with no requirement for an Internet connection.  Dynamic reporting offers:

  • ‘What-If’ analysis to show revised score and ranking if performance is improved
  • Drill down to source data i.e. breakdown of results
  • Sorting functionality on each measure
  • Traffic lighting to show performance against Benchmarks, Averages or Group Members
  • Hover-over functionality to show calculation of each measure
  • Hover-over functionality on Trend Graphs to show actual performance
  • Dynamic navigation around the report
  • Graphical trending of Dealer, Group or Network results
  • Ranking for users to easily identify their positioning compared to other Retailers, averages or benchmarks
  • OEM Averages, Group Averages and Benchmarks shown as comparatives
  • Selectable Help Guide

DanielFor further information or to discuss your reporting needs, call Daniel Palmer on (772) 240-1464 or email